Paw Patrol Edible Cake Toppers #1

Paw Patrol Edible Cake Toppers Printed Onto An A4 Sized (Rectangular) Icing Sheet.

The sizes of the images: Large logo - 6 inches wide, characters & small logo - 2 inches high, paw prints - 1 inch wide.

That's a total of 15 printed images!

Please note that these toppers are NOT pre-cut and therefore will need to be cut out yourself.

These edible printed cupcake toppers are ideal for placing onto cupcakes or cakes to create a stunning and instant effect. 


How To Use Our Product:

  1. Simply cut around the design using clean sharp scissors.
  2. We think it is best to leave the backing sheet on when cutting them out as this keeps the icing in shape and it won't get sticky or damaged whilst you cut them.
  3. Once they are cut out, remove the backing sheet from your icing sheet (this is a clear piece of plastic backing).
  4. Place the topper onto your chosen cake/cupcake, suitable for use on icing, marzipan and buttercream/frosting. I always suggest attaching your cupcake/cake with buttercream or frosting - or you can slightly dampen a fondant icing so that it goes "tacky" top touch, and your icing sheet will stick to that great.

Suitable for Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free.

  • We use only the highest quality edible icing sheets available.  
  • These sheets are A4 sized.  
  • They simply peel from the backing sheet with no fuss, guaranteed. 
  • Lightly moisten the icing on top of the cake and place the topper directly onto the icing and smooth out, it really is that simple. 
  • For best results, stick the topper to the cake using edible glue. 



ICING SHEETS – Starches E1422, E1412, Maltodextrin, Glycerin, Sugar, Water, Stabilizers (E414, E460i), Food Colour E171, Emulsifiers E491, E471, Flavors, Acidulants E330, Preservative E202, Sucralose.
Black: water, humectant (E422), propylene glycol (E490), preservative (E202), food colors (E122-carmoisine, E133, E102-tartrazine), acidity regulator(E330). 
Yellow: water, humectant (E422), propylene glycol E490), preservative (E202)  food color: E102 (tartrazine), acidity regulator(E330). 
Magenta: water, humectant (E422), propylene glycol (E490), preservative (E202), food colours (E122-carmoisine, E124-ponceau), acidity regulator(E330). 
Cyan: water, humectant (E422), propylene glycol (E490), preservative (E202), food colors (E133, E124, E102- tartrazine), acidity regulator(E330). 
All of our printed toppers are printed at high resolution using quality printers that have only been used and are suitable with edible inks.

Paw Patrol Edible Cake Toppers #1